Services & Rates

Therapeutic Massage

Swedish massage:

30 minutes/$40.00

60 minutes/$65.00

90 minutes/$95.00

Deep Tissue & Neuromuscular Massage:

30 minutes/$50.00

60 minutes/$80.00 

90 minutes/$110.00


Chair-massage is $1.00/minute, $5 minimum charge.

Basic table massage adds another $5 per session, with a $35 minimum charge for table massage, and with more involved modalities adding additional cost, depending on the particular massage.

Home or business visits generally involve a per-visit travel charge from $10-$25 depending on travel distance.

Modalities also Include:

General, or “Swedish” massage: relaxing and invigorating for muscles and person

Deep Tissue Massage: generally includes working with connective tissue and fascia

Neuromuscular Trigger-point Therapy: releasing specific "knots" in muscles

Range of Motion (ROM) exercises: involving various assisted movements and stretches

Sports Massage: pre/post-event massage and addressing any injury or strain

Pregnancy Massage: safely providing muscular relief for the expectant mother

Cold and/or Heat treatments: cold to calm inflammation, heat to relieve soreness and to relax tight and tired muscles

Aromatherapy: subtly engaging and redirecting the olfactory senses

Chair-massage: on a comfortable and portable massage chair in our office or to your home, business or event

Please inquire with any questions about rates or packages.